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Cookies are pieces of information stored directly on the computer or device that you are using. YITUB uses cookies to give you a quick and seamless shopping experience. Cookies help retailers tailor-fit their website to display products and services that fit their customer base. Information is collected regarding a customer’s browsing behavior and purchase history. This includes how a customer arrived at the website, which pages they viewed, and what items they put in their shopping bag and purchased. Cookies are not used to record personal information, such as customers’ names, addresses, and payment information.

Cookies are used to maintain the effective technical operation of the website. They allow YITUB to collect valuable information regarding the shopping and browsing habits of all customers, including the ability to monitor sales, campaigns, and other services. To enable YITUB to create effective advertisements targeted to specific people. By browsing YITUB, customers consent to the placement of cookies on their computers.

To disable cookies, customers have the ability to disable cookies by adjusting user settings on their browser. If cookies are disabled, the website will not function fully causing issues with purchasing.