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Customization Steps

The following are the steps of product customization. There may be slight differences between products, and the specific steps are displayed on the product page.

Step 1: Choose a material.
Step 2: Choose the color you like. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger, clearer image for reference.
Step 3: Customize the engraved text. Refer to the third or fourth picture of the product, and fill in the name or text you want in the input box in turn. Please note that the number of characters in each text is limited. For the specific number of characters, please refer to the label information, similar to "max: 15 characters".
Step 4: Choose a birthstone. Referring to the third picture of the product, select the birthstone in turn.
Step 5: Choose a size. The chain length of the necklace, the size of the bracelet, and the size of the ring. If you don't know what size to choose, please refer to the size guide.
Step 6: Choose the packaging of the product. Available in Conventional Packing and Gift Packing.

* Every option for customization should be selected, including packaging.
* The engraved text must be filled in accurately, we will design and produce the product according to the text you fill in.